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I’m baaack! Babies and 5 favorites things

birthannouncementI feel I have to address the reason for my looong absence from the blogosphere, but I’ll keep it brief. After a fairly difficult pregnancy complete with 8 months of vomiting and a 16-day hospital stay for pre-term labor, the baby went full-term and arrived on a beautiful winter morning without complication. His name is Owen Lowell Drechsel and he is the most amazing thing I have ever done (made?). But enough sappy sentiment. Here’s the knitty-gritty.

Labor (not TMI, I promise)

I wasn’t sure how intense labor would be for me. After all, I’ve pushed myself pretty hard physically in a variety of climates. It was still pretty intense. But it was also short. 4 hours, start to finish with probably 2.5 hours of super intensity. In the moment, I said some gems like, “How does anyone have more than one kid? You have three!” (to my doula/labor coach) and “I think I want drugs”. The drugs rational went like this: you know when you have a really bad headache and it’s distracting and you’re cranky until you take a loading dose of ibuprofen and poof!, it’s gone and you think “gosh, why didn’t I take that ibuprofen earlier?” I knew that such drugs were nearby and available, but I abstained, which was the right choice for me.

Baby Sh-tuff (0-3 months)

Owen amazes me every day. And I don’t think babies HAVE to have a lot of stuff, but some stuff makes life easier. Here’s my favorites:

Swing1) A swing

This is currently my most useful kitchen item as it actually lets me have extended time to cook. It is also his favorite napping place. I like that this particular swing plugs into the wall, preventing massive battery buying and ensuring that  it never has to stop. Ever.

OBall2) Oball

The first toy Owen reached for and still his favorite as it’s easy to hook fingers into. It’s also light enough where he doesn’t mind it bopping him in the face.

3) Jacque the PeacockJacque

Read this review from Amazon By M. Lyon:

“I’ve never written a review for any baby toys before, but I’m going to make an exception for Jacques. We call him Pierre the Peacock, because alliteration is more fun than consonance, but I digress.

As far as our 5-month-old is concerned, Jacques is the greatest thing that has ever existed. Our son goes absolutely insane at the mere sight of Jacques. Even a month ago, when he was not such a grabby baby, he wanted to touch all parts of Jacques simultaneously. With great intensity, he wants to stare at Jacques and never look away; he wants to squeak and scream and laugh at Jacques as loud as he can. His love for Jacques is metaphysical.
In fact, if it was possible to be a little too excited by a toy, Jacques might potentially fit that bill. Sometimes our son is overwhelmed by his excitement for Jacques. Jacques is baby cocaine.Our only complaint is that we wish Jacques was machine-washable. He fell on the garage floor and got very dirty, and now our son spends his days in a deep, Jacques-less, existential depression. C’est la vie…”
’nuff said! We like this teething blanket for similar crinkle and chewable reasons.


Owen is in love with the baby in the mirror, which is understandable since he’s so stinkin’ cute. Honestly, after little goofy talking in his face after feeding and about 10-20 minutes on the play gym Owen is usually ready for a little zone-out time or to go back to sleep.
We “suscribe” to these diapers and get a full month supply of diapers and wipes for under $80. Owen had some diaper rash issues from the regular Huggie’s, so we switched to Pampers Sensitive and that cured the rash, but I didn’t like the little gel crystals that would get on his skin from a really wet diaper. The monthly cost for size Newborn was about $5 more but the convenience and quality is worth it to me. Honest Dipers use way less gel (no crystals spotted yet) and hold more pee than any other diaper we have tried. Plus, I love the cute designs. Who doesn’t love a baby with skull and crossbones diapers? They’ll do a free trial, too, but be careful to cancel if you don’t want the trial to roll into membership.


Wrapping it up:

I’m more tired than I’ve ever been. I am also a regular coffee drinker for the first time in my life. Bring me caffeine anywhere, anytime and I’ll thank you. But I also have had a long hot bath with a book almost every day since he has been born. I still cook and knit and am getting back into my old active routine with some modifications. It’s both better and harder than people make it out to be. And if you made it to the end of this post but could care less about baby crap, thanks for reading and I promise adventures will resume next week!


Almost forgot: Don’t love Origami? They make helpers for those swaddles! Try a Swaddle Me or for Houdini babies, a Miracle Blanket. See The Happiest Baby on the Block for why a swaddle works (another favorite, but seven isn’t as great of a number as five).


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  1. OMFG you really put Owen in that knit outfit!!! Hysterical, but also quite cute, not gunna lie. I wonder what he’s thinking in that photo. lol

  2. OMG did GiGi really say “quite cute” in reference to a baby? Did hell freeze over?

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