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Possum Socks

Possum Sock Packaging

Usually I attempt to come up with some clever and catchy sort of headline for my blogs. But not this time. This post is truly about a pair of socks I bought made of possum. That’s right – possum.

I have to admit – when I first heard about the socks, I thought those silly Kiwis were pulling my leg. I was traveling in New Zealand and a discussion about how cold it got in Wyoming brought up what our hosts swore were the warmest socks known to man – possum socks. I was understandably skeptical, thinking surely no one would use the fur off that ugly little animal, the possum (for reference, the cute animal on the sock packaging is a Kiwi bird). To refresh your memory, a possum is pictured below. Not cute, right?

However, once the words “warmest socks EVER” were in my mind, I was a woman obsessed. Since we weren’t really on the tourist track, I was forced to wait until the return flight home to see and purchase the socks in the duty-free section of the airport. And guess what – they were right. My feet actually sweat in these socks, which is saying something. Like most females of my species, I suffer from perpetual cold feet syndrom. Not so in these socks. They aren’t 100% possum but a blend of merino wool (42%), possum (33%), nylon (21%) and lycra (4%) – and 100% deliciously warm.

If someone (granted, in New Zealand) is making socks out of possum, I wonder what other fibers are out there that are beyond my realm of consideration? A women in my knitting class stated that she had garbage bags full of hair from her past dogs and was planning on spinning it into a yarn which she would use to knit something, which just goes to show: no matter how special you think your socks are, there’s always someone more special (read: C-R-A-Z-Y).


2 Responses to “Possum Socks”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hehehe…you better hope that special person doesn’t read your blog! And can I just say, gross?! I have a passing fair relationship with the possum in my alley. We take turns startling each other late at night as I am ending my day and she is beginning hers. I have’t name her yet–but I am now–her name is now Socks.

  2. Pat says:

    The reason they are so warm is the the Brushtail possum (nothing Like the American possum) has a hollow fibre fur. It is second to none for warmth excepting maybe the Pollar Bear. We use it in many clothing ranges over here. Look at the above web site it is a fashion statement over here.

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