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The Greenest Grass

Wendell agrees - It's hard to beat our backyard.

In high school one teacher made a particularly profound impact on my life (sadly, he’s currently suspended because of a mismanagement of an allegation, but that’s another story). He introduced me to philosophy books that flirted with quantum physics or touted human supremacy as a cultural myth. My Midwest teenage mind was blown and I once bragged that I was reading it for the second (or maybe third) time. Like any good teacher, he responded with an metaphor, explaining that while he enjoyed his time in the Black Forest of southwestern Germany immensely, he wasn’t sure he’d ever go back because it’s such a big world and there are so many places to explore. The correlation to books was obvious.

I acknowledge there are subtleties in books and places that can only be gained with continued introspection. Also, sometimes you don’t want a brave new world experience – sometimes, you want old comfy pajamas and a bowl of macaroni and cheese. For those times, re-reading an old favorite or visiting a cherished place is exactly the right thing to do. But when do we throw in the towel on our greener grass hopes?

Right now, I have a pretty gorgeous home on the North Platte river in Casper, Wyoming. Wyoming in general is a pretty special place with lots of land, wind, animals and a few people here and there, which begs a question. What do the other people know? Certainly some people have city tastes and value 3 a.m. grocery delivery over hiking trails, but I know that city life isn’t for me. But there are other adrenaline junky mountain biker chicks in other Wyoming places and even other states. For those that purposefully migrated, what did they see in that place? While Wyoming may be home forever, I’m curious what other people love about where they live. Leave a comment below and let me know!

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2 Responses to “The Greenest Grass”

  1. Olivia says:

    I chose boulder for law school and stayed b/c it’s fun to live in fantasy land, particularly when you can split your time b/w fantasy and something closer to reality (Denver). I like that it’s the burbs w/o being boring, close to nature w/o me having to have a septic system or be off the grid, and full of interesting people who I don’t have to take too seriously. It also rocks that it’s beautiful, inspiring, and the real estate market has held up well. 🙂 of course there are downsides but for me it’s a great happy medium…

  2. Linda Kidd says:

    Well I think living in West Michigan is the greatest place on earth to live. I have traveled to many places and I especially love the mountains, but you can’t beat Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes. No salt added! Being near an abundance of water is important to me and getting out on that water is very good for my soul. People travel from many states to vacation here,very smart. The changing of the seasons, especially fall, is very beautiful with all the varieties of trees we have, it’s like looking at a master piece paintiing.

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