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Finding Beauty

Sometimes I get frustrated that my friends in Jackson will travel to the other side of the world just because they can, but won’t come vist me five hours away in Casper. They’ll travel for baby showers or even poker games but  have less interest in seeing a town nicknamed “oil city”. Then I remember that it took me five years to really start exploring Wyoming, too. When there are not one but two National Parks in your backyard with terrain for all of the sports you love, it can be hard to take the time to explore what may lay beyond. But what I have found is that almost any place on earth is interesting enough for a long weekend – even the desert.

King Snake, moving AWAY from me.

Before the Southwest starts an anti-blog campaign, let me acknowledge that plenty of folks think the best place on earth is the desert. A large part of our retired population, for one. I obviously have never been one of these people. To me, the desert feels hostile. Like life is hanging on the tenuous edge  and could collapse if a few drops of moisture don’t show their face at the appropriate time. I prefer habitats where gigantic prehistoric looking creatures like bison and moose can eek out a living and precipitation is measured by the hundreds of inches. But on this visit, I was delighted to find a strange ethereal beauty in the blooming cacti. The juxtaposition of a delicate flower balanced on a spiny cactus is fascinating. And there are plenty of creatures there, too. They may not be as big as bison, but they pack all the danger and then some. Next time I need to appreciate a new environment I’ll seek out flowers and foes.

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