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Hogadon – better than Michigan!

I recently found myself with a whole weekend in Casper. While I do live here, the trips to Denver and Jackson have been plentiful with few ‘home’ weekends. I evaluated the situation and decided to see what Casper has to offer in terms of skiing- that would be Hogadon.

Located on the summit of Casper mountain, Wyoming’s tourism website calls Hogadon, “an intimate resort”. I’ve played this game before- “intimate” means “small”.  But I knew that going in. After all, I have a certain intimacy with small resorts afforded by growing up skiing ski resorts in Michigan. I was curious how Hogadon would stack up in comparison to Michigan. But I haven’t skiied in Michigan in over 10 years now and I didn’t want poor memory to contribute to belittling Michigan skiing.

While my initial feeling was that Hogadon was more fun due to more vertical and more varied terrain, I decided to put my feelings to the numbers test.

I used Crystal Mountain Ski Resort as my Michigan indicator as it was the #1 designation for my family. The resort was also voted the #1 ski resort in the Midwest by SKI Magazine in 2005, making it a fairly good representative of Michigan skiing. So here are the numbers (and you know what they say about the numbers):

The numbers don’t lie- Hogadon is officially ‘more fun’!

Really cute dog pics of the day (I especially like the ‘big dog’ shadow): Puppy Love

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    Hi Michelle – Another fab interesting opinion. Having never skied in Michigan and having skied Hogadon, I can’t compare but I can say that skiing Hogadon is awesome, small and all that.

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