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Ode to Trailer

The land yacht an earlier weekend at Miracle Mile.

No, I didn’t give up my cabin on the creek for a ‘mobile home’. Rather, I’ve been camping in a 21′ Outback trailer, most recently at 9,500 feet while the boys took ‘armed nature walks’ looking for that seasonally elusive animal, the Elk. And trailer life is good.

Although certain things need to be borrowed from the house (pots and pans, for one), the trailer has become host to the stuff we don’t really like but, for some reason, still have. Threadbare towels, plastic wineglasses, ugly potholders and knives that rap knuckles on the cutting board have all found a home in the drawers of the trailer. With a three-burner propane stove top, a temperamental oven,  extremely conservative water use, and no electricity (we haven’t gone the generator route… yet), cooking easily takes three times as long as home preparation. And that, I have found, it a wonderful thing.

Take the cookies, for instance. With chilly weather and a tired body, I thought some fresh cookies might be just the thing but had no brown sugar. I was also without cell phone reception and thus unable to Google substitutions. Panic! Not really… Out came an old dog-eared copy of the red plaid Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. The Classic Peanut Butter Cookies had a handy line item: “ 1/2 cup  packed brown sugar or 1/4 cup honey”. I was in business. Creaming the fats and sugars with a wooden spoon instead of electric beaters was a wonderfully slow process. Instead of a noisy whir, I watched over the course of about 10 minutes as the batter gained air pockets and slowly turned  into the light, fluffy deliciousness that only real butter and 0ld-fashioned sugar can make. My arm was getting a bit tired by the end and I thought about how much more physical energy people had to use in the past to produce a meal. Depending on the decade, a lot, lot more.

I baked off all the cookies with a constant eye on the oven thermometer that now lives in the oven. When they were done, I threw in a classic midwest-worthy chicken and biscuit casserole. It’s like a giant chicken pot-pie without the hassle of the crust and the perfect one-dish meal for meat and potato kind of guys.

Later, the small counter space necessitated that one person dry and stow dishes while the another washes. Standing in the little trailer side by side with no cell phone interrupting for an entire weekend, I enjoyed ‘doing the dishes’ for the first time in a long time. And the Elk? Let’s just say they’ll live to see another weekend.

“Awwww” Site of the Day: The Daily Puppy. It’s all fun and games until somebody pees on a strangers leg…

Dumb Activity of the Day: Browsing the shelter site for dogs in need- anybody need a husky?


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