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Fourth Place! out of four…

Action shot of the 'Patriot' crew

Last weekend I traveled to Houston to sail in the 2010 Shoe Regatta. I was looking forward to soaking up some sun and heat, but the first hint that this would not be a walk in the park but a race under sail came a day before I even departed.

As former Colonel in the Army, our Captain emailed a tight itinerary in the format of ‘0800 hours’.  Uh-oh. My apprehension grew as our Saturday races were canceled due to weather (going out on a large body of water with a big metal pole seemed like a bad idea with the lightening). However, Sunday dawned bright, sunny and hot (yes!) so we set sail with a meager 7 knots of wind. Our 46′ Morgan sailboat, Patriot, performs optimally under 15-20 knots, so suffice to say we were not exactly cruising. As one of the largest and heaviest boats in our class, we slowly fell further and further behind competition under they were all finally out of view. With a time limit of two hours until the first marker, we were in a new race – against the clock.

We cleared the marker with a few minutes to spare and set our course towards the next, which we very nearly crashed into as the wind went from seven knots to five and finally to zero. With crisis adverted, I returned to my book and we sailed through the finish without mishap. I had survived my stint with the Army.

Book of the Day: A quick summer read, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (click to buy on Amazon)

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