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The Snow is Always Deeper

It's Melting, It's Melting

Around these parts, “the grass is always greener” translates to a very literal “the snow is always deeper”.  On April 4th, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will close for the season. Combined with a season snowfall total that pales in comparison to years past, the town has become divided. While some hardened individuals (myself included) say, “good riddance, bring on the spring,” other junkies frantically discuss how to get one more powder day before the snow disappears entirely. They toss about entirely believable rumors of those cleaver marketing people including snowfall from October in the 332″ inch total (the October storm melted completely before the season began). But mostly, they talk about where to get more snow. It goes something like this:

Bro-bra 1: “Utah just got pounded with 16 inches!”
Bro-bra 2: “Oh man, I’m so going. I need some more powder soon.”
Bro-bra 1: “Yeah, but it’s on top of like a 20 inch base. They’ve only gotten 200 inches all season.”
Bro-bra 2: Dejected and despondent looking, slinks away from conversation.

As for me, I’ve decided the key to staying sane is having gear for every season (surprise). This spring, my gear won’t include a plane ticket to a foreign destination, but I may attempt to embrace a bit more of a cardio life and invest in a road bike. But don’t worry- a not-so-little little part of me will always be an adrenaline-seeking deep snow junkie.

Tidbit of the Day: Tomorrow is the National Day of Unplugging. If you need motivation, check out the Marmot US Ski Mountaineering National Championship and commit to doing something half as ambitious!

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