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Fun with Guns – A Wyoming Adventure

Throwing Trap (Clay Discs)

One sunny Sunday in Casper, two Wyomingites took a new rifle (a Beretta M90, to be exact) up a dirt road and started shooting. What were we shooting, you ask? We were shooting trap. Translated for the non-gun savvy, this would be shotgun shooting at clay targets.

These clay targets do not throw themselves and there wasn’t a machine in sight. Just me. Since I was less than captivated with the gun (and quite frankly, not very accurate), I ponied up and started chucking the discs out into the valley below. Aiding me was a plastic stick that functions much like a Chuck-It thrower for dogs with tennis balls. The main difference is that this one is to keep boyfriends happy and they don’t bring the clay discs back. Instead, they shout, “pull”, after which you throw the disc only for it to get shot to smithereens in the air. For those concerned, these particular discs are biodegradable.

All this does have a purpose beyond blowing things up, and that purpose is turkey/quail/duck hunting, which I am all for assuming PC things like healthy populations and whatnot. I try to eat meat from happy (free-ranging) animals and this is one more step in the right direction. Next up: training the Mexican street dog, who is mostly a black lab, to help flush the birds out and retrieve them. He doesn’t like water. This should be interesting.

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