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RIP Chivalry

As I was shoved to the back of a crowded bus on the way to work at Teton Village, I couldn’t help but notice several seats unoccupied by butts. The seats were instead utilized by skis, backcountry ski packs and other inanimate objects. While 20-something males enjoyed their coffee with newspapers spread across their wide laps, I stood in the aisle with a pair of boots over my shoulder, one hand on the bar and the other holding a pair of skis. I couldn’t help but think, “chivalry is dead.” A lacrosse logo (a sport I invariably associate with money) on the 20-something’s pants triggered the secondary response of “money can’t buy class.”

Yes, I could have asked them to get a clue and move their stuff, but it was too early for confrontation and I think I work with these people. Still, I fixated on the absurdness of it all. I wasn’t asking these boys/men to give me their seat, I just wanted them to sit a little less comfortably with their skis between their legs and their newspapers folded over so I too could enjoy the luxury of sitting before I performed a very physically demanding job. I wondered if it was their age or maybe, just maybe, our location.

I’ve recently been spending sometime outside my bubble of Jackson in a more “real world” place, and am surprised to discover that a large number of doors are held open as a matter of course. These observations lead me to wonder: is chivalry only dead in Jackson?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hello lady of the double standards…you are totally one of the boys until you want them to hold open the door…not sure if you can have it both ways. Maybe it is the location. But you know location is mostly a state of mind.

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