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Vibrating with Women who Rip

The Tetons from Idaho. From

The Tetons from Idaho. From

The title may seem a bit scandalous, but here “vibrating” is defined as something to do with a  sudden intense sensation or emotion. In this specific instance, it refers to Sunday, when I ventured over Teton Pass to ski nine inches of brand-new powder at Grand Targhee. And the three rippin’ women I went with just made the day better.

A day with the girls is something special indeed in a ski town. An article in the Tahoe Quarterly titled, Sex and the (Ski) City cited that “According to the National Ski Areas Association, the male/female split remains 63 percent male and 37 percent female. Men comprise 70 percent of participants who will ski or snowboard 30 or more times in a season. These are comparable to nationwide surveys of outdoor sports in general.” Ladies in the ski towns sum this up with the succinct saying, “The odds are good but the goods are odd.”

When us rare breed of ladies ventured over to Grand Targhee, it lived up to its nickname “Grand Foghee” at the top of the main lift. However, we were just happy to be off the white strip in Jackson and on some real, honest-to-goodness powder. Even after 9 years (gulp) out west, the sensation of my skis floating atop powder still catches me off-guard. It’s magical and maybe the closest I’ll come to flying. Seeing my friends rip down ahead and behind me on tele and alpine gear made the flight even sweeter.

Appetizer of the Day: Asiago Twists from Vegetarian Times. So deliciously easy. Click here for recipe.

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  1. Very good writing, thanks! I miss Reno, and your article reminded me of a few reasons why I miss it. I’m planning a vacation there in the summer. I still miss the skiing in Lake Tahoe, among many of things.

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