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The Porsche 911 and Sex

Beware of the "cute little car"

Beware of the "cute little car"

Maybe it’s because I’m from Michigan. Maybe it’s my techno-geek side. Maybe it’s just sheer awe at the marvels of modern engineering. Whatever it is, I am in lust with the incredible sexiness of the Porsche 911.

It started innocuously enough. My friend was considering buying one but wasn’t sure if he was actually going to pull the trigger. Suddenly, my email inbox had a simple “he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse” message with a picture of this cute little car.  And then I met the car…

If this car was a person, he would either: a) kick my ass for calling him “cute”, or, b) sneer at me and turn on his well-heeled Prada shoe with a “I can’t be bothered with you” look on his face. Probably the latter.

This car is sex on four wheels. Seriously. With a thumpin’ Bose sound system and sleek black leather interior (did you expect anything less?), it just exudes “want me, want me, want me” with every sensuous curve. Being an ’04 Anniversary Edition adds an extra touch of exclusivity with an interior plaque claiming its rank in the limited production of 1,963 cars (the number represents the birth of the 911 coupe). And yes, I want it, but adventures with this kind of price tag will have to wait for a few more years.

Fun Wiki Fact: Hoover, Alabama has a Porsche police car.  “In 2007, a motorist’s 2001 Porsche 911 was searched during a traffic stop by Hoover, Alabama police, then police department seized the vehicle after the Hoover police found 10 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside two compartments. Since then the vehicle was redecorated with a wing, light bar, and rear window lights.[3] The vehicle was unveiled in 2009 as Hoover Police Department police car.[4]

Color of the day: Polar Silver Metallic. Need you ask why?

Book of the day: “South of Broad” by Pat Conroy. Quite possibly the best book I’ve read in years.

3 Responses to “The Porsche 911 and Sex”

  1. Tonya Thomas says:

    The Porsche 911 is a very sexy car, no question about it. It’s a shame they aren’t a bit more affordable.

  2. What a great car! I used to have a friend who had one and it was simply amazing.

  3. Julie says:

    I just had to say that I grew up in Hoover, Alabama 🙂 I probably went to high school with the cop who now drives the Porsche. He, he!
    As you know I now live in Viggs and work in the Hole. (just to pull some of your recent post into my comment. Small world.) Yes, I should be working – thanks for the distraction.

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